What do people say about us?

Real stories, real transformations. See what our community has to say about their yoga journey.

Testimonials Holon-Edward Marotis

testimonials holon

I spent 6 months doing Yoga when I was in Crete, and during that time I’ve seen enormous improvements in my flexibility, mobility, and mental focus. Many poses, like sitting in deep squats, were almost impossible to do, yet now I can comfortably sit in them for extended periods. All this with 1 class per week.  I recommend Holon Yoga if you want to strengthen your body in a holistic way so as to prevent injuries and generally gain better mobility, and also if you seek to gain mental strength/improved focus.  It is a profoundly worthwhile investment, even if you can only manage 1 class per week.

Edward Marotis

Testimonials Holon-Anne Perkins

testimonials holon

My flexibility and strength are improving.I wasn’t sure about chanting but it really helps to focus the mind. I also love the hamstring work

Anne Perkins

Testimonials Holon- Peter Repapis

Well held yoga classes. Like medicine to me.  I like that she always reminds me to be gentle with my breathing.

Peter Repapis

Testimonials Holon-Jane Anne

testimonials holon

Overall I see a definite change but especially my mind I have noticed a significant calmness when dealing with situations. The practice is fulfilling from the beginning to the end, Emily’s attention to each of us and as a group is extremely enhancing.

Jane Anne

Testimonials Holon- Lesley

I feel physically stronger. I am more mindful about myself.  Find the breathing control exercise fascinating. I love that alternative poses are suggested to offset disabilities.  I also love the feeling of balance mentally at the end of each session.


Testimonials Holon-Sonja Glossotis

testimonials holon

The correction of my poses helps me a lot to get the most out of them. I definitely do the poses each time a little bit better, which is a very good feeling. My balance improved. I learned to be more in the present moment.  With her smile and her little jokes she always uplifts our mood. Laughter relaxes the whole body and strengthens our immune system. She is also observing everybody closely to make sure, everybody does what is best for him/her. Often she gives different alternatives for a pose then. And last but not least: The OM Chanting – it´s just wonderful.  Thank you for your kindness and your generous spiri

Sonja Glossotis

Testimonials Holon-Brigitta Hollander-Haan

testimonials holon

Yes! Yoga brings me calmness. I can focus much better and my breathing is more efficient.  I like Emilie’s voice and the way she communicates.  It´s so lovely she created this community. I´m very grateful that she came into my life.

Brigitta Hollander-Haan

Testimonials Holon-Maria

I believe I observe some changes in my body and mind since I started yoga.  I like the kindness of Emilie and also her clear instructions.


Testimonials Holon – Edward Pike

testimonials holon

I feel calmer and more connected since I started yoga.  I like Emilie’s openness, softness and focus – she is able to make everyone feel connected and at ease and ok with where we are at, while challenging us too.

Edward Pike